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Update 2016

The building of a training centre for tailors was in the focus of our work during our this year’s stay in The Gambia. On March 21st we started building the centre at our school area and seven days later a

Update 2015

Just arrived it became obvious that the Ebola epidemic has a bad effect on this land. Although there anybody hadn’t been infected and there are strong health controls when you enter the country, the number of tourists decreased by about

Update 2014

On March 31st two members and three friends of our society started their annual trip to The Gambia to inform about the progress of our projects there. The main focus was on the quality development of our Nursery School, of

Update 2013

This spring six members of our association, twelve sponsors and sympathizers went to The Gambia. For quite a lot of them it was the first trip to the black continent and therefore full of new impressions and deeply moving, emotional

Update 2012 – What did we do in 2012

At 30th April 2012 six sponsors, each of them with 40 kg baggage (medicine, first-aid kit, shoes, clothes, toys etc. and one wheel chair), started their journey to The Gambia, where they arrived at 10 p.m. after a physically demanding

An idea is born: Help for self-help in Gambia

In March 1997 the nursery school teacher Monika Thomsen went on a trip to The Gambia. She enjoyed the sun,walking along the beaches and relaxing  but she also was interested in the way of life of the Gambian people outside

This way you can help us to help the children in The Gambia

And so you can help us: 1.    You can sponsor a child. That means you donate 0.15 Euro (15 Cent) per day, i.e. 54,75 Euro per year or 15 Euro per month or donate a sum you choose per month.

A big handful of updates about our work for and in Gambia from 2005 to 2011

Update:  2005 Like every year our association presented itself at the “Geese Market Days” in Bützow. The result: ten new godparents were found. Thanks to the sponsors the children in Labakoreh can attend school for free this year, too. Also

The village Labakoreh: 1999 to 2004

In May 1999 two members of the Interest Group went to The Gambia. Their task was to find a place where a nursery school could be built. After a long search and lengthy negotiations with mayors in different villages they